Maulana: Please stop being servile & submissive to the will of TTP.

Interview of Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid Islamabad that a friend conducted and when Maulana had had enough of the grilling questions, he decided not to continue with the interview. Answers to the few questions he gave were very depressing for me as this is a man who initiated an armed rebellion against the state and now he is not even willing to condemn the killings that are being carried out in the name of Lal Masjid. Leave alone the ordinary Pakistanis, Maulana cannot condemn the TTP for killing two of his most closest companions, Raja Dilawar and Khalid Khwaja.

He has been asked in this interview repeatedly to condemn the TTP for killing innocent people across Pakistan but it seems he is either convinced that these killings are according to the Shariah or he is afraid to condemn the TTP.

When asked about a Fatwa that was issued by Lal Masjid in 2004 after Pakistan Army started an operation in Waziristan that stated that Namaz e Janaza of Pakistani troops killed in Waziristan should not be offered, Maulana states that the Dar ul Ifta is independent and only they can comment on this matter whereas anyone who has been to the Dar ul Ifta knows that they do not issue even a simple Fatwa without consulting Maulana Abdul Aziz. I am a witness to that. With that said, Maulana Abdul Aziz’s signatures are present on the Fatwa that was issued in 2004 but still he says that he is not the authority to comment on this question.

Maulana was asked about with reference to Syed Saleem Shahzad’s book Inside AlQaeda and Taliban that an AlQaeda ideologue Sheikh Eesa al Misri visited Lal Masjid and was the mastermind of the whole Lal Masjid issue. Maulana says that it was a spontaneous reaction to bringing down Masaajid across Islamabad and went on to say that he has met many Arab Mujahideen. His father and brother too have met many Arabs including Osama Bin Ladin. He did not categorically deny the fact that Sheikh Eesa al Misri visited Lal Masjid. This forces me to believe that AlQaeda was the one that orchestrated the whole Lal Masjid event.

Somewhere in the middle of the interview Maulana mentions that some intelligence officials visited him recently to take his view on the upcoming peace talks. He was trying to give an impression that now he is much closer to the Pakistani Establishment. Is Maulana playing a double game here? He is not afraid to reveal his connections with the establishment but will not condemn the TTP too?

All in all it was a very weak interview by Maulana Abdul Aziz. My last comment on the interview is that I hope Maulana Abdul Aziz stops being servile and submissive to the will of the TTP and speaks what is Haq.

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Pakistan and the exploitation of religion

Every year August 14 brings with it debates and discussions on topics like “Why Pakistan was made”, “Did Jinnah envision a Secular or an Islamic state”, “Was Pakistan ka mutlub kia – La ilaaha illallah the original slogan or was added later on”, “Who coined the term Nazriya e Pakistan ” and so on. A never ending debate if you ask me. So where everyone has an opinion, here’s what I think.

The basic purpose of any movement is to see success. To organize a movement and mobilize people, all possible means are used. Some are temporary and other permanent. Religion is a tool and it was used as a temporary one in Pakistan’s case to ensure success of the movement.

If Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be an Islamic State, why did he choose a communist leader, Daniyal Latifi to write the manifesto of Muslim League. Even though that manifesto was never approved and implemented by the Nawabzaadas, Jaagirdaars & Zameendaars of Muslim League. Why did Jinnah choose a non muslim from his cabinet to be the law minister if he wanted an Islamic State. As I stated earlier, basic purpose of any movement is success by all possible means, even if that means exploiting religion. The exploitation of religion that was started then continues till date and has led Pakistan to where it stands today.

Religion has been used as a weapon by every leader of this country. A weapon used to prolong tenures of governments. Ayub Khan laid the foundation of Department of Auqaf and made Maulvis caretakers of Masaajid all over Pakistan. Yahya Khan made the Nazriya e Pakistan Trust and its information minister Nawabzada Sher Ali Khan declared Pakistan Army the protector of the geographical and ‘ideological’ frontiers of Pakistan. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto declared Pakistan an Islamic Welfare Democratic State. When a movement started to topple his government, given the name ‘Nizam e Mustafa’ after it was hijacked by religious parties, Bhutto countered it by declaring Friday as a holiday and banning the sale of liquor. Then came Zia ul Haq. With Zia came Majlis e Shoora, Shariat Courts, Shariat Council and a “Jihad” to further US interests in the regions after the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union. Zia did not stop here.

Zia made Objectives Resolution part of the constitution and replaced History with Pakistan Studies in the curriculum. The sole purpose of all this was to brainwash the generation that Pakistan movement was a religious movement with the purpose of making an Islamic State. This was the era where many religious political parties were formed, with some having militant wings. Those militant wings did not hesitate in killing their opponents to establish their ideological dominance no matter how irrational it was. Furthermore, after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, the “Mujahideen” and the militant organizations that Pakistani state had given birth to started returning home. They too joined the race of ideological dominance leading Pakistan to sectarian bloodshed.

Irony is that in the post Zia Pakistan we have not seen any changes in our society and social setup. This is still the same Pakistani society that was engineered by Zia during his 11 year rule. The only difference I see is that the monster he created has grown more bigger and violent and is killing everybody coming in its way.

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My response to the allegations by Abdul Nishapuri

Abdul Nishapuri is a screen name of a person nobody knows. He claims to be the founder of a website called LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan). The URL of the website is My last conversation with Abdul Nishapuri was during Muharram  in 2012. He was abusing the companions of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) comparing them to Malik Ishaq, Ahmad Ludhyanvi and Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi. I told him he reminded us of the people of Kufa who always take advantage of the sufferings of others. He called me a Taliban Apologist and blocked me and I returned his favour. We have not talked since then. He is the only person from LUBP I ever interacted with.

Now he claims to have resigned as editor in chief of LUBP after a defamation law suit was filed against LUBP by Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi. His ‘Official’ twitter account has been turned into his fan club and is presumably run by his ‘comrades’. I received a tweet from a twitter account PTINazriati congratulating me about the work I have put in at a Facebook page – Ulma e Deoband. I was very happy to hear from Abdul Nishapuri after a long time. He used this account because I had blocked him too ( as I wrote earlier) so it was impossible for him to tweet from the ‘official’ account. I replied back thanking him. I referred to him as PTI Nishapuri, something that might him have put him off I guess (and may be these tweets too).  Now he or his ‘comrades’ claim that I am running the Facebook page – Ulma e Deoband which is inciting violence against Shia Muslims. He/They called me a Deobandi Fanatic by the way. They went one step further and started propaganda that I was the one who planned the attack in Hangu. I have just one word in reply to it “Absurdity”.

Here are some of the tweets from Abdul Nishapuri ( from different fake accounts as expected)

Some tweets from another fake account of Abdul Nishapuri. (Sunni4Peace) The account has now suddenly been suspended. It took time to retrieve the tweets that were directed against me.

I am editor at Zaid Hamid Exposition and this is no secret. Our team have a working relationship with the Facebook page Ulma e Deoband where they share everything we post to our Facebook page/blog on their Facebook page. Other than that me or my team has no say in how they operate or what stuff they share on their page. I take full responsibility of all the content on the Facebook page Zaid Hamid Exposition and our blogs ( Click here and here).  I also take full responsibility of all my tweets and posts on my Facebook profile. Other than these accounts/pages/websites, I take no responsibility of any Facebook page or website. I would request Abdul Nishapuri to kindly avoid putting such allegations as they have already resulted in one law suit against him and his website. Abdul Nishapuri/LUBP has a problem with the Facebook page Ulma e Deoband, they should solve it between themselves. There is no need to drag me into it. I have no affiliations with any sectarian outfit in Pakistan.

I am not bothered by any allegations put against me by Abdul Nishapuri or others at LUBP. Unlike him, I exist. I have an identity. People know where I live, where I study and what I do. I do not hide behind fake IDs to harass people who do not agree with my point of view. If I am inciting violence against anyone, they are free to take me to court and I will face all charges. I will suggest Abdul Nishapuri to come out clean by facing the charges put against him in the law suit. If not, then a person hiding behind fake IDs has no right to allege people.

Get well soon Abdul Nishapuri.

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#BaraKillings – Lessons To Learn

The title is somewhat misleading, because the 18 ( 32 in some reports) killed in Bara, Khyber Agency are not the only 18 (or 32) that have been killed since 2009 nor is this the first incident of mass killing in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). Several similar incidents have gone unreported due to the fact that there is no media access to FATA. Journalists who dare to bring out the true picture of FATA are silenced. This time though, the people of FATA decided to protest in front of Governor House Peshawar, probably inspired by the recent protest by Hazara Community in Quetta. Without going into the details of this particular incident, as many people have already written about it, I would like to write about the things that Pashtun Nation must learn from this incident.

Most importantly, Pashtuns must stop seeing themselves as the wretched of the earth and start seeing themselves as rebels with a cause, start taking a proactive stance against their oppressors. Nobody is gong to come and help us. We need to help ourselves. To achieve this, we must liberate our minds from the victim-hood psychology encouraged by our oppressors. When we stop seeing ourselves as victims, we would not expect others to help us. We should be very clear about the fact that our ‘leaders’ have destroyed us by bowing down to the interests of our oppressors. They have ignored the plight of their people and are championing the interests of our oppressors, sacrificing innocent souls just so they can be in power a little longer.

The provincial government of Awami National Party that claims to be the representative of Pashtuns and claims to follow the ideology of peace showed its true face when it attacked the peaceful protesters sitting in front of Governor House Peshawar at mid night. To show us the essence of Pashtunwali, they confiscated the coffins with dead bodies inside, loaded them to a truck and transferred them to a cold storage – all this without the consent of the families of the victims. Not a single representative of the Awami National Party came to listen to what the people of Bara had to say, may be because they are not their voters so that makes them lesser Pashtun than those living in Swat, Mardan, Charsadda or Swabi.

We must grow conscious of how the media works in tandem with the agenda of our oppressors. The recent protests in Peshawar have exposed the bias of the media. No news channel except AVT Khyber covered the protests probably because the protesters were pointing fingers at the ‘BIG HORSE’ and you do not name the ‘BIG HORSE’ when they carry out collateral murder (collateral damage for them). If the protesters were to blame Lashkar e Islam, Ansar ul Islam, Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan or XYZ, the media would have jumped in because that is where the ratings are. Bashing the ‘BIG HORSE’ for a crime will not give you any ratings but is surely enough to get you killed.

Last, we need to change our mindset. We must stop being ignorant, foolish, and in love with our oppressors. We must stop searching for external enemies, the real enemy is the ‘BIG HORSE’ and its proxies. They are fraudsters who call for war, who call for hate but eventually kill us in the process to make millions. We must identify them. We should love our tradition but it should not keep us stuck in the past, looking to the past for salvation. We need think and act today. Our ‘leaders’ will never protect us. They will only rob us, exploit us, and devour our political freedoms. We must be fearless in everything that we stand for, this will eventually inspire the people to be fearless as well and we might make a difference.

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The unfortunate family from Kohat

This is an interview of a family from Kohat who lost two children in a Bomb blast at Kohat Bus Stand. Words cannot describe how they feel. I’ve tried to add subtitles to the video with a heavy heart.

Some typos expected.

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#ShiaGenocide – Not just a hash tag

This hash tag on twitter is different from others, it encompasses within it stories of pain and suffering of a minority in Pakistan, being targeted by Pakistan’s chicken who are back home to roost. We have used these chicken overseas, supporting terrorism against innocent civilians of other countries but now we are offended because the stuff we have done overseas is brought right back to our own front yards and we have no answer to it.

As I write this blog post, thousands have gathered in Karachi to participate in a peaceful sit in against the ongoing Shia Genocide in Pakistan but the media coverage is remarkably little. Perhaps this peaceful sit in is not worthy to make it to the headlines because it will not make us hate our own people. All we get to see these days is violent protesters burning vehicles, hungry party workers fighting over food and ‘breaking news’ about our President visiting a dentist because he had a toothache. These are events that make headlines in this country, not a boring, peaceful sit in. These peaceful citizens in Karachi need to improvise.

I’m a Sunni Hanafi Deobandi and I am proud about it but I condemn the murder of innocent, unarmed civilians. There are issues between the two communities (Shias and Sunnis) that need to be resolved but not with a gun in your hand and surely not on the streets. Scholars of both communities have to sit together and resolve the issues. Restoration of MMA is a step forward in the restoration of peace in Pakistan. Many people will disagree but I’m entitled to my opinion.

Most importantly, We, the People have to change. We must stop being so backward, stop misplacing blame, stop being fascist and accept fellow human beings. We must not act like ostriches burying our heads in the ground to avoid engaging with fellow citizens.
Sectarianism has turned millions of Pakistanis into religious bigots, who are not bothered because the people being murdered do not follow the same ‘Fiqh’ as they do. Why have we forgotten that Islam teaches to love the world, all races, instead of hating anything that is different from you. Why have we let people use religion as a tool to ferment hatred, divisions, separations amongst us and destroy our ability to see others on humane terms. Islam does not teach to hate people on the basis of denominational differences. We must fight for humanity, instead of fighting for the rights of ‘religious’ organizations who brainwash humanity.

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Malala, Media, Mullah and the Liberals

People in Pakistan are obsessed with media. From teenagers to retired bureaucrats, everyone is glued to their television sets at prime time, not watching a movie or a TV serial, rather for some odd reason we find entertainment in political talk shows that are aired at prime time.  Media houses, who have a maniacal obsession with making the news fun and entertaining have reduced us to watchers, viewers rather obedient consumers. They have stunted our personal life. Instead of interacting with real people now we are interacting with programmed content. I think watching less TV makes us read more, think more, write more and create more.

Coming to the issue of Malala, Pakistani media has played a major role in turning an innocent girl into a villain and has provided the ‘conservatives’ an opportunity to jump in and do some political point scoring of their own while putting the life of an innocent girl in danger. Same goes for the ‘liberals’ who used Malala to bash the TTP and their apologists, not thinking what impact will it have over Malala. Too much air time has made people suspicious about the attack on her. Some are calling it a False Flag operation by the CIA, some even call Malala a CIA foot soldier in their propaganda war against the Muslims while some some go as far as calling Malala a Zionist and the attack a Zionist conspiracy because Madonna (she is considered a symbol of Zionism) had dedicated a song for Malala and had Malala’s name tattooed on her back.

Conservatives in our society have been transformed into puppets in control of their fascistic leaders who will obey whatever they are told. They will happily offer ‘Ghaibaana Namaz e Janaza’ for a man who was responsible for killing thousands of  Muslims, but ask them to support a girl who was shot in her head because she wanted education for girls, they will come up with something like ‘But her ideal is Barrack Obama’. So basically they want her to idealize a man who has killed Muslims and claims to be a Muslim but they cannot tolerate her idealizing a non Muslim who has also killed Muslims. Then they will say but why just Malala and not the others. Tell them why the ‘Ghaibana Namaz e Janaza’ for just Osama and not the others and then there is SILENCE.

The liberals, well they talk about education for women, equal rights for women and what not but you’ll never hear them talk against the fashion and cosmetics industries and their banal formulations of human images. They will never talk about the incessant attacks of these industries on women’s self-image and propagation of false ideals. You will never hear them talk against prostitution and the porn industry, sick businesses that legitimise  systematic violence against women. So I assume they are satisfied with the sexist system in place, which works to objectify women economically, sexually, socially and psychologically.

Both, the ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals’ via the media (social, electronic & print) have shown a completely distorted image of Malala’s personality. For the conservatives, Malala is someone who is against the Burqa and Jihad (false propaganda) and idealizes Barrack Obama. For the liberals, Malala is someone who opposes religion and pakhtun culture.
Both are wrong in their perception of Malala.  Malala has more to her than these people think. From what I have read about Malala, she is someone who mobilizes others by setting an example, by showing the world that women are just as important as anyone else. She wants to revolutionize the world around her by being a symbol of rebellion against all forms of oppression. She does not occupy herself with how her ‘femininity’ is evaluated by others.  She is someone who understands the importance of political resistance and teaches it to others. She is a true Pakhtun girl and a no lesser Muslim.

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