Pashto interview of Malala Yusufzai with English subtitles.

Note: Few typos expected in the video subtitles.

Zahid Buneri: Time and again, a ‘Malala’ has stood up in Pakhtoon Nation to tell her nation about their responsibilities.

Today we also have a ‘Malala’ , who is participating in a youth workshop. This workshop is a joint effort of Indian Party & ANP. The resolutions passed in this workshop will make the future polices of these parties.

Welcome Malala!

Malala: God Bless you.

Zahid Buneri: How are you?

Malala: Fine.

Zahid Buneri: Tell me which grade are you in these days?

Malala: I’m in 8th Grade.

Zahid Buneri: Yesterday, you were talking in English. We’ve seen you express yourself very well on CNN & BBC. Did you feel any problem yesterday while talking in English?

Malala: No, there was no problem. We shared our point of view in very good manner.

Zahid Buneri: Malala, let us go back when an operation was launched in Swat &  people were displaced. You were also displaced?

Malala: Yes, when Taliban started slitting throats of people, banned girls from going to school, then Pakistan Army (we are thankful to them) asked us to leave the area so we can have a successful operation. If we were there, the operation would never have been successful. So we sacrificed and left our homes for 3 months and migrated to Peshawar, Mardan. People here gave us so much love that we never felt that we were displaced. They treated us like guests for which we are thankful to them. When the operation was successful & we returned to our area, Swat had become the most peaceful place. Then we saw many schools destroyed which were destroyed either by Taliban or during the operation. We want those schools to be reconstructed, many schools have been rebuilt by Army & other organizations but we want all schools that were destroyed reconstructed. The children who are studying under tents should once again return to their schools.

Zahid Buneri: Malala, people appreciate the sacrifices of the people of Swat & Malakand Division in the restoration of peace but women from Swat also gave their jewellery & other belongings to these terrorists, that made them stronger. What does a woman from Swat think now?

Malala: The people of Swat are backwards, illiterate  When Mullah Fazlullah used to speak on radio, he would say Give me your sons, Give me your Jewellery, You will enter Jannah. People of Swat love Islam. Taliban exploited Islam and that was a mistake but today if someone stands up & talks like that, the people of Swat will never help him. Now we understand who we should listen to, what is good for the future of our country and our children.

Zahid Buneri: Malala, it is said that Fazlullah is alive. The Information Minister of KPK said the other day that he runs a training camp in a neighbouring country. Do you think Fazlullah is alive?
Malala: Yes, it is possible that Fazlullah is alive because we’ve heard many times that Fazlullah is dead, Fazlullah is alive, Fazlullah is dead, Fazlullah is alive. Sometimes they tell us he has a fractured leg and so on.

We want the Army & the Government to punish these people. They were responsible for the destruction of Swat, theydisplaced us, destroyed our schools, banned our education. It was Fazlullah who slit throats of our brothers in the streets of Swat, who lashed our sisters. why do you leave them, why is Sufi Muhammad, Muslim Khan still with you. The people who supported Taliban because of fear of death & the lower leadership of Taliban are dealt with severely. Army has made parallel courts & is involved in extra judicial killings. This should be banned & Army should be careful because this has to do with some ones life.  They should form a team & carry out complete investigation whether someone is involved in any criminal act. They do not get the leaders & kill ordinary people.

Zahid Buneri: Malala, you appreciated the efforts of Pakistan Army. On the other hand they have kept Muslim Khan with them. What do the people of Swat think?

Malala: People of Swat say that these are our murderers & we do not want our murderers to live happily. They want them to be punished because when we see our murderers roaming around free, will that make us happy? Nobody can be happy about it. They (Army) kill the ordinary people who were with Taliban- There should be thorough investigation and these leaders of Taliban should be punished.

Zahid Buneri: Now we will talk about the current situation. Are the people of Swat satisfied with the situation today?

Malala: Yes, people are satisfied. Tourists come from different areas. When we see foreign tourists in our markets, children going to their schools, this tells us that there is peace in Swat. Now people have realized their mistake & will not repeat it.

Zahid Buneri: Very well. Coming to this seminar, What was your topic?

Malala: Our topic today was Peace. The most important topic is peace. We suggested that government should ban Jihadi Organizations & Madrassas involved in training militants. The gap between Schools and Madrassas should be removed. Children should be told that same education is given in School & Madrassa. The students of school say that the students of Madrassas have a different view of things and the students of Madrassas consider the school going children Kafir. This gap & mindset must be removed. We are taught Islamiat in school in a very detailed manner. We want these negative ideas to be removed. School & Madrassa should be treated equally and children should be taught sciences along with their religious education. So we told them that there will be peace once Jihadi Organizations are banned. We must have a good foreign policy. Our foreign policy is that India is our enemy, there can never be peace in Afghanistan, America will attack us. We want a foreign policy which ensures that we live with peace with other countries. Our foreign policy should promote trade with other countries.

Zahid Buneri: You talked about Foreign Policy. Other countries make their Foreign Policy to protect their National Interest while we make our Foreign Policy to protect the interests of other nations. What do you think?

Malala: Absolutely! America is a friend of Pakistan because it suits their National Interest. Our National Interest is to have a friendship based on trade with America, to solve our problems  We side with America because we think they will hit us with Drones. If Americans carry out Drone Strikes, I consider them illegal but if Pakistan carries out Drone Strikes, they are legal. This technology should be given to Pakistan and Pakistan should target terrorists, that will be legal.

When Americans carry out Drone Strikes, Pakistanis and people of FATA will never approve it because they do not want any foreign country to interfere in their country. People & Government of Pakistan know better who are carrying out attacks and can target them more efficiently.

Zahid Buneri: Malala, what do you have to say about the attitude of participants in this workshop?

Malala: The attitude was good generally. One thing that everyone is emphasizing is that FATA should be part of KPK because there was a successful operation in Swat and Swat is now a peaceful area, but operations are going on in FATA without any result. They want FATA to be part of the provincial government as they do their job very well. Now they want FATA to be under provincial government rather that federal government. They also talked about justice and education. Education should be free to some extent.

Zahid Buneri: Control unemployment.

Malala: Exactly, control unemployment.

There should be 6% increase in education budget. The people who are unemployed should be given loans from 2 Lakh to 5 Lakh. This loan should be returned but with out interest. This way unemployment can be controlled to some extent. This was a very important program and this is a very good program because here the future generation is making their policies. The youth talked about their problems and gave solutions to their problems. We hope that the government will act on them.

Zahid Buneri: What do you think, should such programs be arranged regularly?

Malala: Yes, such programs will provide us opportunity to learn and join politics. We will only succeed  when we take our own decisions. We stand outside the parliament shouting “Give us our rights”. Why don’t we go inside and take our rights? Such programs provide people opportunities, so they can come forward and help their country.

Zahid Buneri: I was watching on an International TV Channel, you were crying, they were tough times. You said you want to become a doctor. What do you think now? Have you changed your mind?

Malala: Yes I have changed my mind. I wanted to become a doctor then because I was like everybody else. But now I have seen that politics is very important. I have seen how to fight for your rights. I think there is just one way to do that. That is politics. I will be a politician and make this country a better place. We have many doctors. This country needs good politicians. Politicians are the ones who make policies. Most of our politicians are corrupt. We want these corrupt politicians to be removed and good politicians should come forward. I want the youth to focus on politics.

Zahid Buneri: May ALLAH be with you. You can see that Malala has all qualities of a leader. She deserves to be leader. She has a commitment and vision. Malala, you will come to politics and as a citizen it is your right to form a new party or join another party. Who impresses you in politics?

Malala: Benazir Butto was an ideal. She raised voice for Swat. She wanted Pakistan’s flag to fly high in Swat. She was my ideal. She was killed by terrorists. She raised her voice against terrorism and was killed during that so we pray to ALLAH to forgive her. Barrack Obama and others can be made ideals but I want to become a politician so people will consider me their ideal. I will try to put the good qualities of these people in front of me  and try to adopt them. I want become an ideal so people look at me tomorrow & people give my example to their children.

Zahid Buneri: Malala, what do you think is the biggest problem of a Pakhtoon girl?

Malala: The problem of a Pakhtoon girl is that she is not given education. She is forced to marry. These problems will be solved once we give them education. All these problems are related to our mindset. Once we correct that, people will realize the importance of a daughter in their lives. I want that every girl, every boy, everyone should be given education. There is no difference between a girl and a boy.

Zahid Buneri: May ALLAH solve the problems of our Pakhtoon daughters & the Pakhtoon Nation. If all problems cannot be solved, at least we should be equal to other nations.  Malala, we would want you to come to Bacha Khan Markaz to our studio so we can talk in detail about various issues. Any message for Pakhtoons?

Malala: I want to give my message to Pakhtoons, to educate their sons and daughters. Not just school, work on them so they treat every human being well. We do not tolerate a Hindu or Sikh in our society. This is no way, tomorrow people will not tolerate us. Teach them tolerance. Teach them how to tolerate the ideas of others and how to live in coexistence with others. Learn to live with each other. Try to build good relations with each other. This is my message to Pakhtoons.

Zahid Buneri: This was Malala.

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3 Responses to Pashto interview of Malala Yusufzai with English subtitles.

  1. R says:

    wat a mindset ,,,and at such a young age ,,,God bless you and may you lead Pakistan tomorrow !!

  2. ANOOP KAMATH says:

    Where did this interview appear first and when did it appear?

    • Editor says:

      This interview was not aired on any private TV channel. It was uploaded on social media sites by Amn TV (affiliated with Awami National Party). It was conducted somewhere in 2011 but I’m not sure.

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