#ShiaGenocide – Not just a hash tag

This hash tag on twitter is different from others, it encompasses within it stories of pain and suffering of a minority in Pakistan, being targeted by Pakistan’s chicken who are back home to roost. We have used these chicken overseas, supporting terrorism against innocent civilians of other countries but now we are offended because the stuff we have done overseas is brought right back to our own front yards and we have no answer to it.

As I write this blog post, thousands have gathered in Karachi to participate in a peaceful sit in against the ongoing Shia Genocide in Pakistan but the media coverage is remarkably little. Perhaps this peaceful sit in is not worthy to make it to the headlines because it will not make us hate our own people. All we get to see these days is violent protesters burning vehicles, hungry party workers fighting over food and ‘breaking news’ about our President visiting a dentist because he had a toothache. These are events that make headlines in this country, not a boring, peaceful sit in. These peaceful citizens in Karachi need to improvise.

I’m a Sunni Hanafi Deobandi and I am proud about it but I condemn the murder of innocent, unarmed civilians. There are issues between the two communities (Shias and Sunnis) that need to be resolved but not with a gun in your hand and surely not on the streets. Scholars of both communities have to sit together and resolve the issues. Restoration of MMA is a step forward in the restoration of peace in Pakistan. Many people will disagree but I’m entitled to my opinion.

Most importantly, We, the People have to change. We must stop being so backward, stop misplacing blame, stop being fascist and accept fellow human beings. We must not act like ostriches burying our heads in the ground to avoid engaging with fellow citizens.
Sectarianism has turned millions of Pakistanis into religious bigots, who are not bothered because the people being murdered do not follow the same ‘Fiqh’ as they do. Why have we forgotten that Islam teaches to love the world, all races, instead of hating anything that is different from you. Why have we let people use religion as a tool to ferment hatred, divisions, separations amongst us and destroy our ability to see others on humane terms. Islam does not teach to hate people on the basis of denominational differences. We must fight for humanity, instead of fighting for the rights of ‘religious’ organizations who brainwash humanity.

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