My response to the allegations by Abdul Nishapuri

Abdul Nishapuri is a screen name of a person nobody knows. He claims to be the founder of a website called LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan). The URL of the website is My last conversation with Abdul Nishapuri was during Muharram  in 2012. He was abusing the companions of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) comparing them to Malik Ishaq, Ahmad Ludhyanvi and Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi. I told him he reminded us of the people of Kufa who always take advantage of the sufferings of others. He called me a Taliban Apologist and blocked me and I returned his favour. We have not talked since then. He is the only person from LUBP I ever interacted with.

Now he claims to have resigned as editor in chief of LUBP after a defamation law suit was filed against LUBP by Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi. His ‘Official’ twitter account has been turned into his fan club and is presumably run by his ‘comrades’. I received a tweet from a twitter account PTINazriati congratulating me about the work I have put in at a Facebook page – Ulma e Deoband. I was very happy to hear from Abdul Nishapuri after a long time. He used this account because I had blocked him too ( as I wrote earlier) so it was impossible for him to tweet from the ‘official’ account. I replied back thanking him. I referred to him as PTI Nishapuri, something that might him have put him off I guess (and may be these tweets too).  Now he or his ‘comrades’ claim that I am running the Facebook page – Ulma e Deoband which is inciting violence against Shia Muslims. He/They called me a Deobandi Fanatic by the way. They went one step further and started propaganda that I was the one who planned the attack in Hangu. I have just one word in reply to it “Absurdity”.

Here are some of the tweets from Abdul Nishapuri ( from different fake accounts as expected)

Some tweets from another fake account of Abdul Nishapuri. (Sunni4Peace) The account has now suddenly been suspended. It took time to retrieve the tweets that were directed against me.

I am editor at Zaid Hamid Exposition and this is no secret. Our team have a working relationship with the Facebook page Ulma e Deoband where they share everything we post to our Facebook page/blog on their Facebook page. Other than that me or my team has no say in how they operate or what stuff they share on their page. I take full responsibility of all the content on the Facebook page Zaid Hamid Exposition and our blogs ( Click here and here).  I also take full responsibility of all my tweets and posts on my Facebook profile. Other than these accounts/pages/websites, I take no responsibility of any Facebook page or website. I would request Abdul Nishapuri to kindly avoid putting such allegations as they have already resulted in one law suit against him and his website. Abdul Nishapuri/LUBP has a problem with the Facebook page Ulma e Deoband, they should solve it between themselves. There is no need to drag me into it. I have no affiliations with any sectarian outfit in Pakistan.

I am not bothered by any allegations put against me by Abdul Nishapuri or others at LUBP. Unlike him, I exist. I have an identity. People know where I live, where I study and what I do. I do not hide behind fake IDs to harass people who do not agree with my point of view. If I am inciting violence against anyone, they are free to take me to court and I will face all charges. I will suggest Abdul Nishapuri to come out clean by facing the charges put against him in the law suit. If not, then a person hiding behind fake IDs has no right to allege people.

Get well soon Abdul Nishapuri.

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