I’m not special. I’m one of You. The question is who are You?

You may be a teenager, a professor, a senior citizen, a journalist but above all you’re one of us. We are the People. It is We, the ones who suffer from exploitation, the ones who have to pay dearly for the mistakes of the multi-billionaires who claim to be our leaders. It is us, the ones who struggle, the ones who pain to correct their greedy mistakes. We must put an end to this. We must fight, we must resist the cloak of oppression that enshrouds our very existence.

We must be fearless in everything that we stand for. This will eventually inspire the populace to be fearless as well.

We must show intensified solidarity with each other.

We must overthrow all of the status quo institutions at first psychologically and then in an incessant physical fashion.

We must inject rebellious ideas and perceptions into the very sociological output of the political process.

That is who We are. This is what You must become.

I will talk about Everything!


One Response to About

  1. mohsin says:

    I really appreciate your noble ambitions. That’s really needed these days. Let’s keep trying in our capacity

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