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Maulana: Please stop being servile & submissive to the will of TTP.

Interview of Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid Islamabad that a friend conducted and when Maulana had had enough of the grilling questions, he decided not to continue with the interview. Answers to the few questions he gave were very … Continue reading

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My response to the allegations by Abdul Nishapuri

Abdul Nishapuri is a screen name of a person nobody knows. He claims to be the founder of a website called LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan). The URL of the website is My last conversation with Abdul Nishapuri was during … Continue reading

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#BaraKillings – Lessons To Learn

The title is somewhat misleading, because the 18 ( 32 in some reports) killed in Bara, Khyber Agency are not the only 18 (or 32) that have been killed since 2009 nor is this the first incident of mass killing … Continue reading

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The unfortunate family from Kohat

This is an interview of a family from Kohat who lost two children in a Bomb blast at Kohat Bus Stand. Words cannot describe how they feel. I’ve tried to add subtitles to the video with a heavy heart. Some … Continue reading

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#ShiaGenocide – Not just a hash tag

This hash tag on twitter is different from others, it encompasses within it stories of pain and suffering of a minority in Pakistan, being targeted by Pakistan’s chicken who are back home to roost. We have used these chicken overseas, … Continue reading

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Pashto interview of Malala Yusufzai with English subtitles.

Note: Few typos expected in the video subtitles. Zahid Buneri: Time and again, a ‘Malala’ has stood up in Pakhtoon Nation to tell her nation about their responsibilities. Today we also have a ‘Malala’ , who is participating in a youth … Continue reading

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